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Woooo…. The wait for the most expensive film ever comes to an end. Yes Ra.One is out, the movie made by the King Khan for his kids. Directed by Anubhav Sinha and a dhinchak music by Vishal – Shekhar featuring the rap-star Akon.


Shah Rukh Khan plays a role of a computer game designer called Shekhar Subramanium, a Geeky South India which reminds me of Uday Chopra from the movie PYAAR IMPOSSIBLE. Shekhar who lives in London with his wife Sonia which is played by Kareena Kapoor and son Prateek which is played by Armaan Verma.


Prateek is a computer freak, who is heavily into games and thinks his father is a coward in real life. He taunts Shekhar to make a brave game in which the villan never loses.


The worst part begins when the game’s villan Arjun Rampal the Ra. One comes out of the game. Oye teri kuch bhi how this is possible a game character coming out of the game kyon ki just he lost to Prateek in the game he played. This didn’t here the hero of the of the game G. One who is made in the image of Shahrukh is also bought into the real world from the virtual game just to save Prateek and the world from Ra. One…. WDH……


The best part of the movie were its graphics and special effects which was for the first time made in India by red Chillies not imported, which made it more glossy and high production made it look good. Some of the key action scenes were executed to international standards: the car chase sequence across London was thrilling, the introduction fight between Ra.One and G.One at London’s was awesome and the train scene in Mumbai was amazing.


Coming to acting everyone did a fare job. Arjun Rampal as Ra. One was menacing! G. One character  resembles Rajinikanth’s “Chitti” from Robot, but it’s not a Robot  But what was wasted here was the special appearance by Rajnikanth as Chitti. The Music and the background score by Vishal-Shekhar and Akon’s Tadka added international standard to it. But the Ramayan backdrop just did not go well together. Coming to Anubhav Sinha who himself wrote the screenplay and script of the movie himself led his film down.


The Genre of Superhero’s is completely new to Bollywood and Ra. One is an improvement on what we’ve seen in Bollywood from a special effect perspective. King Khan continues setting a new benchmark for how to market and present Hindi films and also how to make money out of it.


Dhinchak Mumbai says if you are a game freak then it’s a much watch otherwise it’s just a onetime watch. A massive opportunity gone wasted by Shah Rukh Khan. Dhinchak Mumbi will rate it 2.5 out of 5.

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