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R.A. Podar’s Mathematrix 2015


This word has played a very vital role in each one of our lives. The day we start studying, we get in touch with maths- One! Two!! Three!!! From bargaining with the vendors to discounts and sales percentages, maths is required as well as used in our daily lives. For some maths becomes a pleasant part of their lives. For them maths is their best friend. But for many of us, the word “Maths” is one of the worst nightmares. The numbers seem to be flying demons and the theorems are a part of deadly hell.

But trust us- Mathematics won’t be a nightmare for anybody anymore. The wide spread perception regarding Mathematics is set to broken on 24th and 25th July 2015 at Mathematrix 2015, an inter-collegiate and inter-school mathematical fest organized by the Maths Association of Podar of R. A. Podar College of Commerce & Economics, Matunga.

While MATHEMATRIX goes inter-school and inter-college this year, it opens its doors to an array of exhilarating exhibitions, challenging competitions, quirky quizzes, treasure hunts, picturesque paintings, fictional story writing and educative seminars and much more. Mathematics will definitely be a joy ride at this mathematical event.


The “Math-o-Diet” for the health conscious and the “Maths and Food” for those who love to serve their taste buds!

There is “Maths & Music” for all the music lovers.

The “Fashion with Maths” for the aspiring Kareena’s and Deepika’s and well the “Maths in Cricket” for the to-be Dhoni’s and Sachin’s!

To add to the entertainment quotient, the ‘Mathemagician’ will play magic tricks with numbers while the ‘Tarot Card Reader’ and ‘Graphologist’ will compel you to take a sneak-peek and ponder over your karmic life.

The exhibition shall include mathematical “Games and puzzles” and many more alluring surprises, lucky draw hampers and so on.

OMG! Here we are just at the end of the exhibition and at the beginning of yet another amazing section of the 2 day Math Fest, THE COMPETITIONS for Schools as well as the Colleges.

Even they don’t fail to surprise us!

The Maths Quest shall test the logical and analytical skills while maths will be twisted at Why so Mathematical with a unique treasure hunt at the final stage.

Display your presentation skills at the unique combination of maths and presentation- MatheManiacs.

Explore your creativity at NumeroArt i.e. Maths and Paintings and MatheMorphis- Mathematical Fictional Story Writing for the young & aspiring Chetan Bhagat’s.

Don’t forget to attend the special Magical Moments of Maths at MatheMagician-The Mathematical Magic Show.

We don’t just stop here. There are Educative Seminars for college as well school students on Alternative Mathematics, Maths as a Career & Dealing with complicated maths in Competitive examinations such as CAT, UPSC, etc.

Our Social Initiative includes teaching the underprivileged students of “Manav Seva Sangh”, the basic maths & distributing exciting goodies & hampers amongst them.

Our social initiative also includes inviting the visually challenged students for our exhibition & having them show us their world of maths through BRAILLE.


And now I put forward to you the million dollar question!

Do you still think mathematics is boring and only for the giant head nerds???

Well, definitely not! And those with vengeance, still not convinced?

Then come join us, with your group of friends for the super exciting Math Fest of the year, “Mathematrix 2015”

Let’s go math-o-crazy on the 24th and 25th of July (Friday and Saturday)

Math-o-craziness stretches from 9 am to 4 pm!

But wait! Even craziness needs a little bit of preparations, doesn’t it?

Register yourselves online for the competitions, before 20th July on our official website.



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