“Iss Baar Jaakar Milenge” Cadbury Celebrations Airways Mein

Cadbury Celebrations, the popular gifting brand from the House of Cadbury, believes that it is the perfect gift to nurture relationships and make your loved ones feel special. With its success in its previous campaign “Is Diwali Aap kis Ko Kush Karenge”, this year Cadbury came up with a dhinchak concept bole toh Is baar no sms, no email, no call, no e-cards ya tak ke no Social Media post.. siddha jaake milneka. Cadbury Celebrations decided to go Digital this year. Cadbury ran a social media campaign on FACEBOOK named as “IS BAAR JAAKE MILENGE”. Where the fans were asked to take Pledge that this year whom they will meet and why? Simultaneously the same campaign was ran on Radio Channels and through SMS. Select pledges among these were chosen as winners and to be on board the ‘Cadbury Celebrations Airways’, a special chartered flight between Mumbai to Delhi on October 21. The flight carried 100 Dhinchak Mumbaikars to their family and loved ones in Delhi. The only reason behind this campaign was that Cadbury believed that we all have lost in the era of technology and Where Diwali symbolized families coming together, the and rejuvenation of relationships and doing full on majja with your loved ones where people were becoming distant from each other using technology. This dhinchak initiative is yet another Cadbury India’s successful campaigns that have touched millions of hearts. So Dhinchak Mumbai says, this Diwali reach out to your family and friends, and celebrate relationships in person. Toh Iss Diwali Aap Kisse Khush Karenge?

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