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Punk rock at it’s best @ Kino 108


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Kya: A Night of Rock music !!


kaha: Kino 108.


kab: Thursday, 29th August.

Jaise humne pehle kaha tha, punk rock is one of my favourite genre and luckily Kino 108 had Blek, The Lightyears Explode and Teddy Boy Kill performing tonight. Punk rock at it’s best! Thank God for my wonderful friends, Venky and Azhar, who have accompanied me to almost all the gigs in town. Because honestly yaar, going alone is so depressing. Good friends and a night of rock music…kuch galath nahi ho sakta.

The gig at Kino’s tonight was in association with “Vans, off the wall”, and since it was their first such show, Vans did a pretty amazing job. They had their colourful posters adorning the walls at Kino 108, their compere was good too. The best thing, however, was as we were entering Kino, each person was given a ‘Vans’ voucher, as well as a pair of ‘Vans’ wayfarer sunglasses. Impressive. Psst! There was a pretty girl handing out the goodies as well. Just saying.


Before the performances started, they played a short video on the projector which showed ‘Blek’ practising in ‘Vans’ t-shirts. As is the case usually, the crowd was quiet in the beginning and it took a little effort from Blek to get the crowd ready. Rishi Bradoo was once again brilliant with his guitaring and vocals. Jared Creado provided Rishi with good supporting vocals and accompanied that with some amazing Bass guitaring. Crazy kiya re! Rishi introduced their new drummer and trust me, he lit the stage up. I even heard someone behind me telling his friend that the drummer’s hands are just a blur.


Next to perform were ‘The Lightyears Explode’, one of my favourite Indian bands. Saurabh Roy’s uncanny ability to interact so easily with the crowd definitely works in his favour, as he seemed to breathe life into the people at Kino’s. The Lightyears explode later broke out into their own version of ‘Ina Mina Dika’, where they got the crowd to sing along and dance like I’ve never seen before. ‘I am a disco dancer’ was clearly the crowd favourite as cries of “once more” resonated throughout the building. Their last song deviated a little from the typical punk-rock genre and showcased the band’s melodious side.

Teddy Boy Kill are a band from Delhi, and were performing in Mumbai after quite some time. They are more of an electro music band. Personally, not my cup of tea. Or maybe it just wasn’t their strongest performance, as sadly most of the crowd started to leave midway through their performance. The sounds were a little confusing and seemed cluttered. Then again, I’m no electro music expert, but compared to Blek and The Lightyears Explode, they couldn’t quite match up.


With all the rock music and loud drumming, I was left with a slight headache by the end of it all…but it was worth it! Although Blek performed really well, once again it was The Lightyears Explode who were the band to ‘beat’.

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