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PRS Guitar Clinic @ Furtado’s Music School, Chembur


prs stefan


This review was always going to be different from the others. No this wasn’t the usual gig or concert and neither was this a review of a band’s album. This review was about learning the essentials of music and deconstructing the most loved instrument – a guitar. So when i got to know about a guitar clinic being conducted at the Furtados Music School at Chembur, I was more than willing to attend it. Akele thodi na jaata. Being an amateur guitarist myself, who learned to play in the company of his friends, i tagged along my best friend Amey. Amey ke saath guitar bajaana seekha hai, toh usko toh saath le jaana hi tha .


Arjun Dhanraj and Daniel Rego, are  part of the band ‘Nerverek’ and have quite a few original songs to their names, some of them being, ‘Ju-On’, ‘Judged’ and ‘Sky mystify me’.

 I didn’t really know what to expect because I’ve never been to a guitar clinic before. Armed with excitement and curiosity, i set out on a learning experience.


Daniel Rego kick-started the evening by introducing all of us to his beloved PRS guitar and explained why it was his instrument of choice, versatility being the guitar’s main trait. He demonstrated how you can get the PRS guitar to purr soft tones as well as get it to belt out more heavy stuff!


Arjun and Daniel then moved on to play tow very different pieces, blending them both together to create one melody, truly magic. The logic behind this they later explained was that,  different notes belonging to the same scale, sometimes complement each other and even though the notes aren’t the same, intertwined together, they sound ek dum khoobsurat!


Arjun also spoke about song writing and shared with us that it took him only all of five minutes to pen his first song, which went on to become a hit with their fans. However, he said they don’t play that song anymore but Arjun ne gaane ka naam nahi bataya, courtesy the age group of majority of the crowd 😛

The part I personally liked the best was when they said that a musician should never let himself get constrained by the “rules” of music and stressed on the importance of improvisation…after all, originality ki zaroorat hai. That’s not to say that one should ignore the theory side of music, but instead, to take both and incorporate them together. They rightly said, “music ke sab components equally important hai.”


The  ‘Guitar Clinic’,  standing true to its name and format, also delved into the nitty gritties of the construction of a guitar.


Overall, the Guitar Clinic was very informative and it’s satisfying to know that I learnt something new in the art of guitaring!

-By Stefan Amanna 

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