Prenatal Yoga With Lara Dutta

Bollywood star Lara Dutta, who recently gave birth to a baby girl, was spotted at the launch of her DVD – ‘Prenatal Yoga with Lara Dutta’.


At the event, Lara Dutta talked about her career plans and said: “I will be signing my next film in two-three days. It will be an easy role for me to jump back to.”

She added: “I intend to get back to work by August this year. I am ready to jump in…It would be finalized soon. Since I have a daughter now, the kind of movies I would do now will be different. I will be choosy…I will not do anything that would require me to be away from her for days.”


“Actresses not working after having kids is an outdated thing. We have Sridevi making a comeback after 15 years, then we have recently seen Karisma Kapoor; Konkona Sen will also be seen in movies…that time has gone,” added Lara Dutta.


Lara Dutta, who just celebrated her first Mother’s Day with her nearly four-month-old daughter Saira, says motherhood means unconditional love for your child and it makes you vulnerable too.”The love for your child becomes so unconditional that the reality of who you really are becomes very clear to you because that is totally reflected in your child. That kind of unconditional love, which you experience, makes you very vulnerable. It also makes you aware of the world and everything which surrounds it,” she said.


Lara’s tips for mothers


  • Don’t rush into an exercise regime. Your body will know when the time is right to exercise post-pregnancy
  • Stick to your post-natal massage regime for 40 days
  • Breast-feed, not only is it essential for the baby but it burns calories as well
  • If you’re really bothered about losing weight, use a pre-pregnancy dress as motivation
  • Never start a post-natal exercise regime without consulting a doctor. Yoga courses should only be taken by a certified trainer.


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