Why should boys have all the fun this cricket season? While they play couch potatoes, Pond’s the leading skincare brand from the house of Hindustan Unilever, hosted the first of its kind ‘Pond’s fun in the sun’ initiative with Rock On sensation Farhan Akhtar in Mumbai. Hundreds of lucky girls had fun in the sun, witnessing the Rock On star perform all time favorite tracks from his smash hit film LIVE after two and a half years! Pond’s fun in the sun is a unique concept targeted specially toward girls, encouraging them to leave their skin worries to Pond’s and to enjoy having fun in the sun! There were also other bands having their lead singers as girls making the crowd dance to their music .
Farhan Akhtar commented, “I am happy to be part of the Pond’s ‘fun in the sun’ initiative which gives me this opportunity to perform tracks from my film live after more than two and a half years. I think this is a really innovative way of encouraging girls to have fun in the sun, while leaving their skin worries to Pond’s. It’s also a great opportunity for girls to have a blast this summer, while boys remain glued to the TV screens this cricket season.”

The Pond’s fun in the sun initiative was held to commemorate the launch of the Pond’s white beauty Blemish Prevention UV Cream. While partaking in the musical extravaganza, girls could also pamper themselves to some Nail Art, Hair Braiding, Foot Spa, Facial Massage and much more……Hmmm  and even our reporter pampered herself with all these ,lucky girl

The newly launched Pond’s Blemish Prevention UV Cream now protects against both UVB burning rays and the deep penetrating UVA rays that are the main cause for dark spots. Not only it will help to lighten but also prevent the formation of dark spots below the skin’s surface. Now girls have the perfect solution to get flawlessly radiant skin even under the sun in an easy to carry pump pack!

“Girls now no longer have to worry about their skin when in the sun as this premium pump pack is easy-to-use, easy-to-carry and best of all provides UV protection. We are also delighted to have conceptualized this grand event, which saw the Rock On sensation re-create history with an afternoon of unforgettable performances.”, says Mr. Govind Rajan, Vice President- Skincare, Hindustan Unilever.

Having enchanted girls in Mumbai, Pond’s fun in the sun will also enthrall girls in other cities and our Reporter has still not regained her conscious after meeting the handsome hunk Farhan.

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