Pitbull rocks Mumbai

Pitbull !!!! Pitbull !!! Pitbull !!! Yes, I don’t even remember how many time I shouted this name for 2 hours continuously at MMRDA Grounds,BKC along with thousands of other diehard fans of this Musical Genius. For the 1st time Pitbull had his live performance in Mumbai and kasam Uddan Jhale ki what a concert!!! This was one of the best concerts I ever attended. The music was really driving the crowd wild and got them roaring high to dance their asses out (Mine is still paining, I danced like there’s no tomorrow and thanks to it I will have to use lots of iodex and don’t ask me where and how i’m gonna apply it :p )


The Concert started with a firang DJ playing some really cool house music to set the mood of the people. People enjoyed it till 20 minutes, but then got bored of it. You won’t believe this , he played for 1 hour 2o minutes (I felt like throwing my shoe to tell him to shut up and let Pitbull do his work , then I realized my website won’t reimburse for the thrown shoe , so I started yelling “Shut the Fuck up!!!” )


Then right at 8.30pm pitbull arrived on the stage wearing a black suit and black glasses with a very shinning bald head and the crowd went crazy. Hotel Room Service,I know you want me, Give me everything tonight,Rain over me and many such mind blowing hits were performed with the fullest energy. This guy has really something in him; his stage karizma is simply amazing. His voice,music and the way he dances on stage(I am sure you must have not seen him dancing in any of his video) is mindblowing. Pitbull also performed some of his latino numbers (I didn’t understand a single word of it, but it was good enough to make an old grumpy looking aunty standing next to me dance J )


Bade Bade events main choti moti baatein hoti rehti hai; Similary, here too it happened. As you all know , smoking at public places is not allowed (I am not saying that , the BMC Law says that) But there were stalls selling cigarettes and people enjoyed their smoke with some amazing music in the beginning , then the cops jumped in like some superheroes and ordered the organizers to stop the counters . Another very important issue, I went to the food & beverages counter and asked for bottle of water. Usually, you get a bottle of water for Rs.15 or Rs.20 or max to max Rs.30. I could not believe I bought a water bottle of Rs.100. Yes!!! The water there was sold for Rs.100, I guess, the organizers were falling short of money to pay pitbull’s performance fees. So instead of raising the ticket prices they played smartly and raised the rates of water bottles. Anyways, I still have that bottle with me and I will always keep it as a very valuable momento with me  😛


Last but not the least I guess pitbull ka shining takla took away all my worries and the Rs.100 ka dukh went away. Now I have to go and apply iodex at various places. Till then keep rocking …keep dhinchaking…

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