‘’Eye and Camera’’ A group managed by fervent photographers namely Abhishekh, Amy,

Hiren, Neeta, Vaishali organized the Photography open contest in the city. The contest

witnessed the talents of many promising and creative photographers.

The contest started with the basic briefing. The contestants were given all the details

about the competition. The theme for the competition was Abstract, and the limit of shoot

was from Infinity to Lokhandwala.They had around one and half hour to capture whatever

they wish to. What made it more challenging was the nonstop rains in the city and, the

empty market place!!!



But as someone has rightly said that ‘’Photography is a way of feeling, of touching, of

loving. What you have caught on film is captured forever… it remembers little things,

long after you have forgotten everything,’’ there was no way that these hurdles made any

difference to the contestants who were running all around zealously. At 6.00pm the studio

was filled with the drained but certain participants as they returned from their shoot.

After the challenging photo shoot, there was one more test waiting for these participants.

The studio witnessed little chaos afterwards when the contestants realized that they

have to submit just one picture out of all of them. Now that was a tough call to make!!

There were around 33 participants. And all of them had quite a different and creative

approach while clicking. While someone captured wet Royal Enfield, there was someone who

made red umbrella look absolutely stunning around the black background. Well, there was

one who captured a bright lamp with the thumb prints in the dark and than the other who

found delight in a rainy day chai. There were many pictures to be specific and all of them

were mindblowing.

But as the rule says that ‘’Only one can take away the crown’’ It was an totally abstract

picture of a Pole with a nest on its top and with a perfect merge of black and white by

Kunal which took the 1st price. And the runner up was Delshad who clicked the pink rose

in the most beautiful way someone could ever click. There was even a lucky draw for

others .Siddharth was the lucky guy to emerge as a winner from the lucky draw with his

shot of the pigeons resting on the wire on a rainy day


The judge of the event Honorable Bhavpreet Ghai, a renowned photographer and a faculty

at FX school was impressed by all the pictures and had a valuable tip for all the pictures.

This helped the participants to gain more insight of their and others work. To motivate

the winners, Devi Jewellers an old registered brand in the market sponsored the Gift



They had a beautiful Gold Bracelet for the winner and an assured gift hamper for all of

them who had participated. With the winners being announced and the feedback forms the

event finally came to an end. For others who have missed it, you don’t have to worry as Eye

N Camera is going to launch many such events ahead.


And as for me, I had a great time for I know something new again. I learned that with

photography a new language has been created which speaks more delightfully .Which has a

power to mesmerize you.


And finally I understood ELIOTTE ERWITT when he said that ‘’Photography is an art of

observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place… it has little to

do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.’’


For me all of them were winners as they actually made the efforts to express the way

they look at the things. That requires great courage..So for all you guys ‘’Here is a special

salute from me!!You got it all. Capture it, flaunt it!!’’

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