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This story takes you back in the year 2008. There was huge buzz about Russell Peters coming to India to set the stage on fire with his stand up comedy acts in Mumbai, Bangalore & Delhi. Now here’s a kid, 18 year old, just stepped out of his junior college and really mesmerized about the entire media and entertainment industry. He had always been fascinated with bollywood stars and especially about all the performers. Russell Peters was one of the few international standup comedians that he saw online. ‘Russell Peter Outsourced’ was his 1st act which totally blew his mind. His observation and spontaneity mixed with his childhood experience was one of the deadliest combinations to look for. After downloading Russell Peter’s 1st DVD, it did not stop; crave to watch more of his performance had just started. Show me the funny, Red White & Brown, Comedy Now and lots of small video clips from youtube started becoming the part of the entire collections.

After reading from the newspaper about the Russell Peters show in Mumbai on 28th October 2008, this kid really got excited as he wanted to see this legend to perform live. After checking the ticket rates on the internet, entire excitement turned into a disappointment. 2000 bucks for 1 show that is really a big amount for a college kid. He asked his parents to lend him 2000 bucks but they denied it saying it is foolishness to spend this amount over just 1 single show of 1 and half hours. Sometimes in life when you want something badly, you will go to the extreme heights to get it. This kid did the same. On 28th October 2008 he set out for Sanmukhananda Auditorium with 300 bucks in his pocket without knowing whether he will be able to attend the show or not. Finally after travelling in an overcrowded train, he reached Matunga station and started walking towards the Auditorium. As he reached there, he saw a long Que of people waiting to get inside the auditorium with passes in their hand. Disappointed with the entire scenario, he started walking towards the main gate of Sanmukhanand.


“Kisi chiz ko agar dil chaho, toh puri kaynat tumhe usse milane main lag jati hai” words by great SRK. It’s good to hear in movies, but sometimes works in real life too. As he stands near the main gate, he find a hand on his shoulder, shocked! who could it be? Might be the security or the event management people who will just shoo him away from the gate as he doesn’t have a ticket. He turns back and finds Ranjan. Now you must be thinking who the hell is Ranjan??? Ranjan used to work at his father’s place 3 years before and now he works at the canteen of Sanmukhanand. The joy of meeting someone in a situation like this cannot be expressed in words. Luck does favor you sometimes if you have strong determination. He explains the entire scene to Ranjan but gets a reply that he will try because the security is very tight and take down his cellphone number. Time passes by and this kid loses his hope after every minute. Finally he gets a call on his number. It’s Ranjan. He advices him to use the back gate where he can get an entry to canteen. But there are 4 security guards on that gate too. Ranjan hands over 2 big packs of mineral water boxes and tells him to carry it till the canteen’s store room. The security allows the boy to go inside thinking that he might be a worker of the canteen. Finally the kid is in. He thanks Rajan and moves towards the auditorium.


One problem ends another problem is always ready. He entered the auditorium premises but now how will he go inside the hall, now that’s a million dollar question. HOW??? He rushes to the washroom and thinks for a while. The chances of getting caught are very high. If he gets caught the security will throw him out and the entire dream of attending the Russell Peters show will come to an end in just few seconds. Media and Press has always been his fascination. So why not try that? He is just a 1st year BMM students. No Press Card and all which will give him a smooth entry. He checks his bag and luckily finds his college ID card. Moving towards the auditorium, the ticket checker ask for the ticket, this kid happily flashes his College ID card saying that he is a media student and ask where is the sitting arrangement for media people. The ticket checker escorts him to the special seats reserved for press and media. You won’t believe, entire 3rd row was booked for press and media. Dreams do come true and this kid enjoys the laugh-a-riot sitting in 3rd row.


Sound totally filmi na?? Various incidences happening, one after the other favors the luck of that kid, just like you see it in movies. But let me tell you guys this is a true story of mine 3 years before when Russell had done his shows in India. I never imagined in my life that I will be attending his concert with this kind of experience and that day I decided I will take his one on one interview at least for once and that also came true couple of weeks ago when Russell was again in India promoting his movie “Speedy Singh”

I meet Russell at Anupam Kher’s Actors Prepare in Juhu for a one on one Interview. I bunked my college lecture when I got a call from the PR of that movie that Russell is here and if you want we can set a one on one interview for Dhinchak Mumbai. I would have been the biggest idiot in the world if I said no. And so I said yes and rushed towards Juhu. This is a story about a kid who attended the show now has become the Founder & Editor of a successful website. The interview with Russell is still on it way. He speaks a lot along with a huge number of gestures and funny faces, so it takes time to write everything down  😀 . But I promise to all my readers it will be there on Dhinchak Mumbai soon. Till keep Dhinchaking!

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