Open Mic Night With Schitzengiggles At C’est La Vie

‘Dhinchak Mumbaikers’ recently got this wonderful opportunity to forget their stress, sorrows, troubles and laugh out loud. They say laughter cures everything. A failure, heartbreak, a loss… It also makes your life brighter. I was not someone who believed in this but after this one Saturday night I’m a believer. The occasion was ‘An Open Mic Stand-Up Comedy Show’ organized by Schitzengiggles (pronounced “Shits and Giggles”) at C’est La Vie Bandra. The best part was probably the open mic concept where 7 brave souls decided to put their comic timing to test. By performing in front of the worst possible critics- the audience!! Prize was a chance to perform with Schitzengiggles.

Schitzengiggles was started a year ago. The idea was for local comics in Mumbai to come together and provide themselves and other aspiring acts a platform to display their outrageous talents. And one can clearly see this idea growing, spreading all over and making a real difference. It won’t be wrong to call shitzengiggles the pioneers of this idea in Mumbai. Their Focus was always on original comics. Well, that’s the catch, as nobody wants to see comedians with the same old boring jokes. They promote artists who can bring their fresh talent to the stage which can be based on their say to day life. You tell a traditional joke, comment on politics, systems, absolutely anything which may not be correct but as long as it can entertain audiences, nobody is going to object.


There are currently 6 comedians who are part of Schitzengiggles team, Out of them Varun Thakur, Karan Talwar and Brij Bhakta performed at the recent show called “A Night Of Jackassery”, hosted by Aditi Mittal. Since it was open mic, people were given an open invitation through various media and facebook to come and perform. Participants were given five minutes to make their impression on the audience. Their laughs and their applause were as good as giving points. Also there were some professionals invited, who judged this event. The idea behind an open mic is to give a chance to amateur stand-up comedians, to give them a platform and also to promote the stand-up comedian hidden within them. They had to grab the mic and say whatever joke they ever wanted to crack. And that’s what was happening. All of us there were very happy and surprised as well by looking at the talent these amateurs had. They were really enjoying the time given to them, sharing their thoughts and experiences. Well, what they were speaking was not really extraordinary but the important part was they were bringing the brighter and funnier part of the story. May be that’s what Comedy is all about, to put normal things in funnier way. They didn’t mind cracking bold at jokes as even audience was open to it. That somewhere showed maturity of the artists and the audiences. According to me that was real success of this event.


Schitzengiggles do shows at various pubs, clubs in Mumbai. Youth is their major target. Karan Talwar, founder of Schitzengiggles, says, “We don’t put our jokes on You-tube or make CDs or DVDs out of them as I think by doing this we might kill our jokes as there are always possibilities that any comedian reuses same jokes or combines them to make new one. It’s not always possible to create new jokes for every comedian. I guess, The Stand-up comedy scene in Mumbai is growing, we are glad to be a part of it. If given a chance, we won’t mind doing shows in colleges where we can target more and more audiences. “


Dhinchak Mumbaikars, we all know it takes few muscles to laugh, so a few bucks are also needed. But it is worth spending on comedy than spending on rubbish movies which make you cry. Laughing is good for our health and we know we need to act now. Schitzengiggles is one of the solutions. They are really reviving the stand-up comedy!

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