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Rajiv Kashyap who was a financier in movies like Aksar, Jai veeru and The Killer…is now producing a multi starrer movie ‘Main Hoon Krishna’. Main Hoon Krishna is a semi movie starring Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif, Juhi Chawla and others. When interacting with Rajiv, says that a producer has responsibility on himself compare to a financier because the producer has more work load and the work which I had done previously was really a good experience for me and it taught me a lot which helped me in making this movie.


Rajiv Kashyap says, nowadays movies without stars are not possible, we make sure that our movie is appreciated by the audience. As in Main Krishna Hoon, we have Hrithik Roshan, Katrina Kaif they have a cameo role and they play an important part in the movie. There is a semi-animated character playing a role of Lord Krishna. We made an effort to make a semi-animated movie keeping in mind that all the children and adults would watch it and enjoy it.


Rajiv Kashyap, who is all set for his next movie, says that Main Hoon Krishna is about a kid name Krishna staying and brought up in an orphanage by Juhi Chawla, who plays a role of a chief matron. This is a fun and emotional story which revolves around the orphan’s children and Lord Krishna. In this movie there is lot of emotions filled up with comedy and fun and some emotional touch too… Rajiv Kashyap made sure that the movie is not only enjoyed by the children but it is also by the family.


During the promotional activity of Main Hoon Krishna, there will be a ‘Rath Yatra’ in the major cities, where small children will Lord Krishna and give their blessings to everyone.


Rajiv is soon going to produce another movie Kaanch, directed by Kalpana Lajmi, who is doing direction after six years. The star cast of the movie will be revealed soon.


I and my whole Dhinchakmumbai team wishes him All the Best for his movie Main Hoon Krishna and may Lord Krishna keep blessing all our Dhinchak Mumbaikars.


Toh, zor se bolo, haathi ghoda palki, Jai kanhaiya lal ki..!!

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