One God – Many Religion…

“Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isahi – sab aapas mein bhai bhai”


We have grown up listening to this slogan. But how many of us have really seen this come true?

Except for the fact that India is being run (read ruled) by people of all these religions there is no coming together of people from different castes. Since childhood a Hindu kid is taught how not to befriend another kid of the Muslim community and vice-versa. This can be further supported by how Veer Zaara was a blockbuster hit in India.


Nothing is impossible, not even the religious integration in a huge democracy like Bharat, and, who can do it but God! Lalbaughcha Raja is the place where one can see people from all sects, castes, creeds and religions under one roof. It bridges the gap between the classes and converts them into masses (except of course if you are a celebrity). One should not be surprised to see a lady dressed in the best of her apparels standing next to someone who barely has clothes to cover oneself neatly. The hours long queue makes them friends too.


So, as common people if we can understand this why do we still talk about the riots? Why is the Ayodhya issue still so important? Isn’t God more important than the land he has a temple on? And, bhagwan toh sabke mann mein baste hai, why are we still crazy about idol worship? Does progress in India mean increasing this divide? We always blame the Britishers for subjecting us to ‘divide and rule’, is that still not happening? No wonder Muslims getting home Ganesha idols or increasing non-Hindu families bringing home Bappa still makes headlines in a secular country like ours.


It is time we open our eyes and not let ourselves and the country suffer because of the actions of a few. It is time we look beyond religion and treat everyone as equal humans. It is time we actually mean and implement

“Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Isahi – sab aapas mein bhai bhai.”


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