N.K. College – May I help you – A Montage Initiative


May I help you – A Montage Initiative


At Nagindas Khandwala College, students of SY and TY BMM walked an extra mile and contributed in helping the management and administration by organizing the ‘May I Help You’ campaign.


Starting from the 2nd of June, 2012, a group of young students ventured out to help the students and parents in the admission processes. Ranging from helping to fill their forms, getting documents arranged in the right sequence to guiding them to their respective counters and getting their forms submitted; All was managed efficiently by this group of students.


The campaign continued from degree college to junior college admissions and proved to be a very successful one, it was well appreciated by all  – visitors, students as well as the office staff.

The Registrar of the college, Mr. C.M. Amin said that the college fervently thanks all the students for volunteering help to the college. He said that 80% of the staff workload was lessened & there was a drastic fall in the number of inquiries because of the ‘Help Desk’ put up in the campus outside the office. Much help was offered by the students & they even clarified peoples’ doubts to a large extent to their satisfaction.

The ‘May I Help You’ campaign was an initiative taken by the BMM students of NK College as a promotional campaign for their upcoming annual fest MONTAGE that arrives this December. Every college would have their promotional campaigns they said, but we thought of helping out the masses instead a simple promotion.


The group of students who were a part of this campaign was the ones who were ready to volunteer even when others were enjoying their vacations. One of the students said that the days spent at the Help Desk were more fruitful than any other day she could have spent her holidays. The feeling of satisfaction to see someone else content she said was her achievement throughout the campaign. Another student said that “before today, there wasn’t a single day in my life when so many people would have thanked me for anything, and I am really grateful to my seniors for giving me this opportunity.

The BMM students of Nagindas Khandwala College make an appeal to all the readers that ‘Everybody lives for themselves everyday… spend 24 minutes out of 24 hours for someone else someday… It feels Good!!!





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