nexus 3 stakeholders summit

Nexus 3.0 – Stakeholders Summit

 Stakeholders to unite at Summit

NEXUS 3.0 
‘Business v/s Ethics : The India Trade off’


nexus 3 stakeholders summit


This year Aiesec Mumbai is going to mark its third NEXUS. NEXUS is a pioneering AIESEC Mumbai event designed to connect with, recognize and reward their current partners and to build new partnerships and help us assess the services we provide to our partners and define a scope for improvement. This event will be held on on the 16th February at M.C.Ghai halls at kalaghoda.



On this glorious occasion, we award and recognize our best partners from different sectors our partners who made a huge impact in building and strengthening this association which now stands strong as being the pioneer leadership organization in the country .This event also serve as a platform to showcase the Annual Impact AIESEC India has made through its various activities with the support & belief of all the stakeholders engaging at various levels with more than 150 Industry Professionals will attend the event from diverse backgrounds.


Much has been written about the benefits of doing business in India — low input costs, easy access to labor and a massive consumer base. Less has been said about the ability of companies in India to thrive by bending rules, greasing palms and broadening ethical boundaries. Over alleged corruption is resulting in a crackdown on corporations, businessmen and ministers, making this the hottest topic of interest to the public.


At a time when the issue of corruption threatens the stability of the Indian government and scandals unearthed in sectors from sports to telecommunications total tens of billions of dollars, it is becoming increasingly critical for multinational managers to ask whether business success in India comes at an ethical cost. Nexus 3.0 brings all of these aspects together and puts them into perspective for you through its experienced bench of panelists who are handpicked from a variety of backgrounds of the Industry ranging from IT to Media, Hospitality to Business, Service and Education to Start-ups et al. The audience will have a healthy question and answer round with the panel where they will address issues every individual is concerned with.


AIESEC Mumbai’s NEXUS gives you the platform to engage, evaluate, and get some valuable insight towards this dilemma’s resolutions, which has become so relevant to us in recent times.

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