My Dream Run

I never thought that I would wake up at 4 in the morning dress up in a outfit made completely out of newspaper and run 6 kms on the roads of Mumbai But thanks to “SPARRSH” AN NL DALMIA INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT INITIATIVE I ran the “Dream run” at the 10th edition of the standard chartered Mumbai marathon alongside lakhs of mumbaikars! (what did u’ all think) and the icing on the cake was when it was announced that I had won the kingfisher green crusader 2013 winning a cash prize of Rs.10000

It all began when a couple of my class mates asked me to wear the now popular “paper dress” and I obviously refused at the first instant as I thought these guys are out of their minds and how embarrassing can it possibly get! After some persuasion I agreed to try the outfit.. but all the doubts and apprehensions vanished as soon as I saw that one piece beautifully made dress. I just wanted to get it into it as soon as possible only a girl can understand that feeling. A special mention for the designers of the dress Abhinaya natrajan and yoshita attawar… thank u for designing the best dress ever!!

I have never been to azaad maidaan prior to today.. but sometimes only one visit to a place is enough for it to remain in your memories forever.. I was asked to pose for pictures by random strangers.. at first I din refuse out of courtesy but then slowly it awoke the child in me and I began to enjoy it.. I posed for hundreds of pictures with an ear to ear smile… my favorite one being the one with the standard chartered mascot.. did an impromptu interview for a local radio station(we all goofed up that one)..came up with this cute phrase 😛 for my extempore and ended up with the first runners up prize! That moment will b forever etched in my mind.. those happy faces of my friends cheering me on from the crowd down below.. the rumbling sound of the bhangra dhol and the applause OMG! I am still getting goose bumps! And it was still just the beginning..

The “dream run” began as we headed south towards the marine drive moving across churchgate amidst a crowd of welcoming and cheering spectators… including the gr8 fouja singh and numerous other celebrities waving at us on the left and marathon participants on the right… it indeed was a carnival.. a celebration of the true spirit of Mumbai! Along the way numerous photographers from various newspapers clicked my pictures.. after a point I lost count and kept posing as it kind of became 2nd nature for the day.. It truly felt like a celebrity among those shutterbugs!!

Then came marine drive… I have been to that place a lot of times and its always beautiful.. but today I was just awestruck.. the navy helicopter was zooming up above us … numerous bands were playing amazing songs.. people were dancing.. . I danced quite a bit… on marine drive(how often will that happen I wonder?).. had another private photo session with friends.. ahh the appetite.. 😛 jumped of the platform at marine drive in that paper dress… and Melvin caught the perfect snap! i can still feel that breeze .. can still hear the rustling of the paper sheets.. MARINE DRIVE will never be the same again!!

Its 4’o clock .. one of the best days of my life has come to an end! The stupendofantabulous day!! I have a test and a series of lectures awaiting me..but I am too tired to worry.. the smile on my face refuses to go.. honestly.. I don’t mind.. I hit the sack with a promise to self that I will have atleast one more “dream run”

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