Music Release and Launch of Revised Edition of Book BY Mahendra Singh Dhoni

It is the first ever event which Dhoni has stood up and supported as he believed in the Real Authentic spirit with which YP Singh made this film,his beile  Abha Singh and YP Singh

Mahendra Singh Dhoni was glad that he was present for this prestegious unveiling and said he personally liked the “Sagar”song sung by Shreya Ghosal

Dhoni’s said he was proud to be associated with YP Singh and Abha singh’s film which is mission and a project every indian should believe in .

The entire cast of the film was present at the event  Bobby Vats ,Raghu etc

YP singh and ’Kya Yahi Sach Hai’ is a hard-hitting film arousing enormous emotions and reactions. Shot in authentic locales, this 2 hours 20 minutes long film narrates a first-hand account of the powerful stories, which run through the bureaucracy and the police administration. The thinly veiled account of corruption and callousness, which prevails in our system sends shudders down the spine of the viewers and makes them contemplate amidst surging emotions scintillating music.

Talking about the film, Y. P. Singh says, “It was the year 1990 when I had just joined as the police chief of Wardha District of Maharashtra and had my first brush with police corruption. As the years rolled by, I could see corruption in all its facets spread all over. Almost everyone got interested in paid postings which gave the officer full freedom to earn bribes from the innocent public, without any fear from seniors. It was in those moments of anguish that I decided to write this reality-based novel – ‘Carnage by Angels’. But by doing that I had invited my doom in the IPS. The powerful got after me the big way. But it was my resolve to see that the truth comes out wide and open before the people.”

All the songs were a hit at the event already and would be a rage as it is hit the market.

Y. P. Singh’s hard-hitting film ‘Kya Yehi Sach Hai’ on police and bureaucratic corruption ready for release on 30th December.


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