MT Educare taught its students a new calculation

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So you might be thinking – “It’s another day, another event Dhinchak Mumbai was at, so what’s so different and new??” Well my dear Dhinchak Mumbaikars, the difference at this event was that MT Educare taught its students a new calculation which when solved, is definitely more exciting than regular algebra!! Let’s see if you can solve this sum:


Q1. What is the outcome if you add the following?

Organisers: MT Educare a.k.a. Mahesh Tutorials
Venue: Andheri sports complex
Events: More than 50
Teams: 14
Students: More than 1500


Well I don’t know how good your math and accounts is but Mahesh tutorials definitely scored a 100 on 10 when it came to organising their annual festival Onyx 2011. Every teenager going to college would hate waking up early on a Sunday morning! But the situation here was just baffled me! The “UVA’s” were not just wide awake but also awakened the entire complex at 6am with their Dhoom Dhaam Mazzaa Masti and such high
spirits that you automatically know that Onyx 2011 was going to be a blast!!


With events ranging from performing arts, literary arts, business, adventure games, computer gaming, fine arts and sports the Uva’s truly had a long but electrifying day ahead!! Having been divided in 14 teams, the different t-shirts gave a multi-hued perspective on campus! Their chants, waving flags and drum beats making it certain that today is going to be nothing less that awesome !!


The affinity between the students and teachers was splendid. No matter if they were the 3G Uvas, Daku Uvas, Crazy Uvas, Untitled Uvas, Dabang Uvas and my favourite name ‘Dhinchak’ Uvas etc. a thrilling competitive atmosphere kept all teams up on their feet. Ofcourse at the end it was Blitzkrieg Uvas Mulund who walked home with the overall prize!!


With Mokshwrts and the Mahesh Tutorial teams dedication, this grand event saw excellent organisation and innovation. With B town faces like Jackky Bhagnani at the event, Onyx true to its name was priceless this year.


Onyx is a precious stone that is invaluable. Well all I can say is if Diamonds are found in coal mines,Onyx are for at Mahesh Tutorials!!

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