Move on Women’s Day

Move On Womens’ Day. Here are 10 days that should be international holidays

Sacchi! At the end of this article you will nod in agreement.


sex day

  1. International Sex Day (9th June)

Topping our list! 9th June. And if you read between the lines ‘6/9’. The expectation is simple, SEX all day long


  1. International No Bra Day: (October 13)

Setting them lose and bondage free since 2013


  1. Be a Millionaire Day: (20th May)

And no you don’t have to participate in a silly game show with wicked hosts for this


  1. Steve Jobs Day 16th Oct

TO the man who changed the way we consume technology. Ek din toh banta hai


  1. Cow Appreciation Day 10th July

Post the beef ban, I’m sure our government will agree to instituting this day


  1. Underwear day (5th August)

You can like ‘em, you can hate ‘em, but you definitely can’t ignore ‘em


  1. Drink beer day (28th September)

One day that should be celebrated often. Kya bolta haii?


  1. Wear pyjamas to work day (16th April)


Let’s write to the government then and ask them to come up with all these days OFFICIALLY 😛

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