Moral Police Zindabad!!! – AIB Murdabad!!!

Ok Ok … Let’s get this straight. 4 kids or youth (whatever you call them) dared to entertain a huge audience in a live event, millions on youtube and above all  raised around 40 lakh for charity? Also they even managed to get A-list celebrities like Karan Johar, Ranvir Singh & Arjun Kapoor to be part of their show and roast them. I seriously cannot get it.. How the fuck they can do that??? BC hai kaun yeh log?? Aukaad kya hai unki??


Firstly lets talk who are they? All India Bakchod or AIB as they are called (because calling Bakchod is a taboo in India but you can yell sale chutiye or bhenchod anywhere. You can vandalise public property, give hate speeches,watch porn during an assembly and stop cities to work just coz someone said something to your leader; That is justified). So AIB comprise of Tanmay Bhat , Gursimran Khamba , Rohan Joshi & Ashish Shakya .

Tanmay Bhat , a really dumb person who hardly did anything in his life like doing lot many full house stand up comedy acts. He has been member of India’s 1st and only Comedy Company called “WeirdAss comedy” and has been one of the best brains to work on scripts for Filmfare, The Ad Club Awards, EEMAX Awards and many many more. Tanmay is so dumb that he even delivered  TEDx speech, got featured on brand equity and inspired lot many upcoming comedians and even more he inspired people with obesity to believe more weight is more power not a drawback. He literally made everyone believe that round is also a shape and how you can laugh about your own weight. Tanmay you are such a loser, , you are not even a fucking doctor or engineer. You did a bloody BMM from Mumbai University and how can you make an awesome life by just making people laugh??? You don’t have that right dude. So we will charge you with all the sections on vulgarity and offensive content.


Gursimran Khamba, a sardar without turban who claims to be funny. Boss you just have been a contributor and columnist for DNA & (one of the best news agencies in the business) and scripted some satirical video on sexual assault on women in India, homosexuality with some strong message and gained over 4 millions hits. That’s bullshit! How dare you even talk about something for which none of the political parties are taking a strong stand? You made videos and you are a loser because people are subscribing to your YouTube channel (Appx. 9 lakh subscribers) and they just loved your Podcast and you were on the top for the longest time on Itunes India. Sorry, we are not convinced and we will make sure you will you pay for this. We will take a morcha against you and lodge complains at police stations.


Rohan Joshi how can you be a contributor to Mid-Day (Leading newspaper in Mumbai & Pune). Like were they out of their mind to print your articles??? You just talk about the scenario and incident with different point of view. Boss you are nothing more than  the most loved guy in AIB (ok your looks do count) and the madness at NH7 clearly justifies it. We are not convinced and we will grill you too and threaten you with our power, which we usually use on young couples talking on a railway station and bash them up and record videos and share them on whatsapp and facebook and then boast about Indian culture and dignity.


Ashish Shakya,  atleast you should have brains, you are an engineer for god’s sake! The ideal dream of every Indian parent, “Mera beta engineer banega” and you decided to be a Bakchod . How the hell can you chose to be a comic guy and write “The week that wasn’t with Cyrus Broacha” (The humor feast for the intelligent species) and do stand up. You should have been working with some IT company and doing 9 to 5 job but you are a stand up guy who entertains a huge audience. Not possible boss. The entire generation will go wrong if people like you switch careers and that too get into comedy. It is for people who can’t do anything in life. And look at you, in spite of being an engineer you become a stand up comedian and write humor for living.  We will definitely file a case against you and get you in unnecessary controversy because we are powerful and we will use it against artists instead of rapists and offenders and other hate preachers.


AIB you have shamed the country by putting up this show. How can you make an attempt to start a completely new comedy scenario in India? Do you know this would be harmful to the country? We might get the next George Carlin or Russell Peters because of your act? We have been habituated to adopt the international format for shows and series because of you guys we might develop some new idea or show format. We should not encourage you to make new sketch or shows, as we never know you guys could be the next big thing or might even land up on Ellen Show or Tonight show or Saturday night live? It would be so shameful for the country; you guys have no idea about it. How dare you gather millions of hits on all the sketches you did??  When India spoke to Pakistan??? That is completely bullshit. We know the youth of the country and no body will talk to Pakistan in future too. We have bashed the youth so many times whenever they revolted against change, rape, strong system and corruption.


AIB this is high time you should stop doing all this shit. You are meant to live a normal life. Just go home and take up regular jobs and live your life, as you should. Enough of your Ha ha and he he.


– By a dedicated moron who wants to just fuck around with every good thing happening in the country under the name of “Bhartiya Sanskriti”

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