MOKSH 2013- Day 1

Today Moksh 2013 … The Beat Goes On cuts its red ribbon in the presence of our honorable chief guest Mr. Ganesh Thakur (Reporter with ABP), our vice-principal Mr. H.M. Pednekar, and our B.M.M. dept. head Mrs. Neeraj Kumar. It was a great anticipation added to start the year with Music heading for a stress free zone!!

There were various colleges, like Andrews, Lala Lajpat Rai, Siddharth, Khalsa etc. who participated, with contingent names like Nirvana, S.H.M., Bob Marley etc.

Mr. Ganesh Thakur, who is a crime reporter with ABP channel, shared a part of his journalistic experience and the struggle, and I swear guys it was genuinely inspiring and amazing. It was a great opportunity to know a journalist like him .

Followed by this there were few officials from the police dept.!!! Confused??? It was strange to know their presence at the start of college event. But this was something different. With the rise in the teens breaking rules, the officials took an initiative to conduct one-on-one talk with the students on the same. This session somehow had an impact on them, the realization of responsibility sitting behind the steering or even just walking on the road. It’s just a matter of knowing your civic sense.

Okay… after the serious talk, Moksh 2013… The Beat Goes On was declared OPEN, and witnessing a huge crowd.

The teams registering for football, crickets etc. were in full in win-to-win energy. Event except sports were:

  • Band (Elimination) it was a wild event, after all, the participant’s passion for music was throwing on the stage.
  • Junk Instrument Making: The only instrument I can remember was the Sitar, which was neatly made out of junk.
  • Quiz and brainy events: All the brainy (but less nerdy) people were found enjoying their own rhythm
  • T-Shirt Painting: here the art of painting was perfectly projected!!! The youth is soon going to be wearing T-Shirts painted by them!!! (Note: the T-Shits are going to be donated J)

Thus, finally ending MOKSH 2013…The Beat Goes On…. Day 1 with anticipation of fun tomorrow.

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