Mission Impossible : Ghost Protocol – Movie Review

After such an amazing show-sha in India & in other country, Tom Cruise is back again with the 4th version of the Mission Impossible series – Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol. As you all must have seen the past 3 versions of the Mission Impossible series, this one is also packed with amazing run & chase sequences,bullets,machines guns,bombs and it will also mesmerizes you with some of the best stunt scenes ever shot in Hollywood.  Director Brad Bird manages very well to hold the audience on the edge of their seats.

Agent Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise), one of the most energetic and fearless agents from the IMF and his fellow members are charged of bombing the Kremlin and are forced to run. The peace relations between US and Russia get disrupted due to this and so the president issues an order to dissolve the agency. However, Ethan and his team tries to clear the blame imposed upon them and saves the world from a nuclear attack.

The movie has some of the death defying stunt. Especially the one shot at world’s tallest building in Dubai’s 828-metre (2,716 ft) Burj Khalifa. I can bet you on this, during this scene you will bite all the nails on your fingers. Tom  manages to do such scenes with an ease and amuses his audience everytime.The gizmo and technology used during the mission will force you to say “WOW”. This movie offers you some very amazing BMW cars but sadly most them are blow out in some or the other sequences  :p

The movie has its high and lows. The movie has a low start and takes time to build the story. However, after the blast, it picks up speed and then continues till the end. Action sequences are amazing (don’t miss out the Burj Khalifa scene, mind blowing is an understatement for it) this movie also has apna Jhakus majnubhai – Anil Kapoor as Brij Nath. His role in the movie is very short but still he manages to make his presence felt in the movie.The Female lead Paula Patton has done a fair job. Sibon Pegg as Benji – the tech guy is humorous at times and has done a very good job as a side kick to Ethan. However, Jeremy Renner as Agent Brandt is very low, it could have been better.

Overall it’s a nice experience to watch MI4 after 4 years.

Dhinchak Mumbai would rate it 3 and half stars out of 5 and big hug 2 Tom Cruise (He looks really good, I just saw him in real J)

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