Mini Review – Yamla Pagla Deewana 2


So after lots of promotions all over (spending a good amount money ) .. I mean kya baap promote kiya!!! Everywhere is just Deols & Deols .. Youtube, FB, Outdoor, anywhere & everywhere, just deols .. I am sure you would have loved the promotions and trailers on TV and I am equally sure, you’ll hate this movie. Maa ki aankh , itni gandi movie.. OMFG!

The story is very average, like nothing great (boring at most of the places, with idiocay at its fullest) Screenplay… Are you Fucking Kidding me!!! Main hi Ch*tya hu, that I expected it.. hahaha!!! Direction…hahaha.. I am still figuring it out, where was it used , actually!!!! Full of maar dhaar action… ekdum Sunny style (or some dubbed south wala movie that you see on tv! You must see that scene, where sunny beats up like 40-50 people … at a time… , Fuck you Matrix!!! We got sunny :P) The acting is too over by everyone.. Dharam Paaji, Sunny Paaji & Bobby… Even the debutant Gorilla was bad (I seriously doubt, if that guy would get any further projects, wrong film for a debut bro 😛 ) . Anu Kapoor,jhonny da & Anupam Kher also very bad. The female lead??? Doesn’t matter.. there not there.. all the same…Music is nothing great except for the title track (woohh!!! Something good finally)

So, for all you apne toh apne hotey hai type people and deols are our sagewalas , please don’t waste your money on this one (deposit that in my account 😛 )

1 star from me for an excellent promotion campaign and a prayers to god G , to give these three people some movies or they might end up again, making another YPD.

P.S. – I still love the deols 😛  

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