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Mini Review – Raaz 3

Well I cannot express my feeling how I enjoyed this movie. I am still laughing while writing this review. Raaz 3 has one of the awesomest comic scenes of the year. You really need to pat Emraan Hasmi , Bipasha Basu and Esha Gupta for a wonderful dialogue delivery (ek ek dialogue pe jo whistle baji hai theatre main..maa kasam :p ) On a serious note , the story is really weak with lot many loopholes and a super weak screenplay. People told me it a scary movie and even scarier when seen in 3D, there is hardly any scary scene except watching long legs of Bips in 3D (trust me, it’s scary now ) Music is oki-dokie nothing great.

Overall a weak story and weak directed movie . Not scary but really funny.

1 star from me and also can some give me any blackmagic karne wala baba, need that for some people so that they don’t make pathetic movies.

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