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Mini Review – Life Of Pi

WOW!!! I have used this word not less than 100 times while watching this amazing visual treat by Director Ang Lee (Kya baap picture hai boss!) . The story is very good (not excellent) but what takes this movie in the league of epicness  ( like Titanic,Avatar,Slumdog Millionaire etc. etc…) is the visual representation that it offers – The entire sea voyage,the storm,marine life, ancient Pondicherry (kya shoot kia hai 🙂 ) . Animals too have been shot excellently (From a rat to tiger to a giraffe .. simply awesome!) The background score goes very well with the screenplay. Suraj Sharma (the lead actor) has done an amazing job. Irrfan Khan and Tabu has a very limited screen space but they are simply awesome . A big salute to the Screeplay writer , Cinematographer and Rhytm & Hues Studios (Visual Effect).

4 stars from me! and a must watch . Total Dhinchak Recommended . Do not miss it!

Pakka Oscar maregi ! 

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