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I still cannot find words to describe Joker. Really feel like a Joker ke kyu main yeh movie dekhne gaya!!! A story with super weak characters played by one of the awesomest actors of all time. Comic Actors like darsheel zariwala, brijesh hirji, asrani and others have been wasted like jokers. The only good part about joker is the kafirana song (but you won’t waste 150 bucks just to see a song right :p) another good part is the alien (atleast he has no dialogue. Thank god!). Talking about the main leads dats akki and sonakshi (i would call it as Akki’s Ra.1.. Opps! He already had few Ra.1’s earlier too) just terrible. Shreyas Talpade is super irritating with AEIOU his alien language same like Tushar Kapoor(He is still bearable in Golmaal)


Overall, a weak story with a weak direction and screenplay.

Don’t be a joker and spend your money here! Next month tak Zee TV pe aa jayega tab dekh lena.

1 and half stars just for thoda decent Music and for Kafirana song.

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