Mini Review – Ghanchakkar


The only interesting and exciting part of this movie is the Title “Ghanchakkar” and yeah! A song by the legendary Altaf Raja (I am his hardcore fan!!! Yeh banda baap gaata hai re!!! Lyrics ki toh baat hi na kariyo 😛 )


The story is nothing great , very average infact. Infact very slow infact you’ll just sit and wonder what the fuck is happening or why the fuck it is not happening???. The screenplay is very slow. Very few comic punches and hardly there are scenes which will make you laugh (baki kafi boring hai 🙁 ) . Direction main no mazza unlike other movies of Rajkumar Gupta (sorry sir, iss baar baat nahi jami ) Acting is good by every one. Emraan, Vidya , Rajesh Sharma & Namit Das all have done a decent job. All of them are really good actors but jab script hi main kuch na ho, toh yeh bechare bhi kya karey 😛 Music is good by Amit Trivedi. But hardly used in the movie. Jholu Ram is the ultimate song (but why the hell, they didn;t use it in the movie :((( )  and thanks to Amit for getting Altaf Raja back . The title track is a good peppy number.


So overall, nothing great about this movie . Do not waste your money on this one!


1 star from me just for the robbery scene & Altaf Raja


by @imsank

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