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Mini Review – Ek Thi Daayan


Bhoot, Pichach aur daayan ki story kuch outdated ho gayi thi, but finally they are back again with its full power with some good direction and screenplay (you’ll understand this if you seen Ramu ki Bhoot 2 😛 ) So, the plot here is really good with all the characters playing their part very well. Kannan Iyer has kept the story very tight without focusing on nonsense giri like adhura pyaar, badla ki aag, raja-rani ki kahaani  and other random bollywood horror shit (i mean almost ha!! thoda bahot gochi yaha pe bhi hai..but chalta hai ) Performance by emraan hashmi is good (taaliya!!) , Huma Qureshi is good too (not much scope here for her performance ) Konakana Sen Sharma .. Simply OMG nop OMD..Oh!My Daayan (Koko you are one of the scariest thing i have ever seen on screen .. really amazing!!!) Kalki is sweet (kafi chota sa role hai ) The Music is decent (frankly speaking i just loved Yaaram..Sunidhi & Clinton..good job) The 1st half is really shit scary (i swear, pichey ki seat main koi khasa bhi, toh bhi fatt jayegi ) 2nd half main thodey gaaney dal diye , toh darr ko wahi maar diya (hay! yeh bollywood..we have song for every occasion 😛 )


Overall, yes! you can term it a scary daayan movie. Do watch with your GF 😉 (you know what i mean 😛 )


3 stars from me and a big hug to Koko (my scary daayan :D)


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