delhi safari mini review

Mini Review – Delhi Safari

Dhinchak Mini Review – Delhi Safari


delhi safari mini review


Well firstly, a big wala hug to Director Nikhil Advani for this attempt (super successful attempt).


Many animated movies have been made in India and similar kind of topic of deforestation and humans destroying wild life (yaad karo woh school ke din :p ) have been raised many time in many ways but Delhi Safari is very different from all of it. It will take you on an amazing journey till Delhi with a monkey, parrot, cub,tiger and a bear and explain the entire concept in a really sweet way.


The music adds to it (well there’s no munni or Sheila here :p lekin good enough for the kids to enjoy) Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy good job guys. Voices by Govinda (yaar badey miya chotey miya ki yaad dila di 😛 chi-chi wid your bhojpuri accent.. Killer boss! ) Urmila, Boman, Akshay Khanna too good (mazza aavi gayi 🙂 ) You will enjoy how animals talk about Humans (especially the gujju flamingos – maa kasam faad diya hai )  The script is very good and the direction is too good (I still am shocked, Nikhil Advani directed this – after CC2C). It is very well made to entertain its right target Audience (Kids along with their mummy-daddy)


So , if you are a kid, have kids, lil siblings, nephews and neices..  take them along and see Delhi Safari.

3 and half stars from me and thumbs up to Nikhil and the entire team . Keep making such good movies.

By Sanket Bhatt @imsank

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