Bhoot Returns - Mini Review

Mini Review – Bhoot Returns

Dhinchak Mini Review – Bhoot Returns

Bhoot Returns - Mini Review


After a really scary movie like Department , RamuG is back with the sequel of Bhoot – Bhoot Returns (This time in 3D). Ek toh Ramu ka camera angle is already super scary (fan k upar, Table ke nechey, Drainage ke under and God knows kaha kaha camera place karta hai :p )  and upar se 3D (Things really gets scary now :p ).


Bhoot Returns is ok ok with its story. But the spookyness is what matters here, which RGV has managed very well. Manisha koirala looks scary (come on you know the reason Y ) JD Chakravathy and Madhu Shalini are pretty good at scaring people. Background score is really good and will give you goose bumps .The story is low at certain places and bit draggy too but the scary scenes compensates for everything.


Overall, dimag jyada mat chalao.. Sirf daro aur enjoy karo.

Tip – Do take your GF or Wife or your Neighbor and enjoy it 😉

3 stars from me and a thumbs up to Ramu for this amazing comeback (in making the Ramu style ka awesome movies)

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