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After traveling from festivals to festivals and getting lots of waah-waahi from critics all over, Ritesh Deshmukh now brings to you “Balak Palak” popularly known as BP (BP , I know what you thinking about and yeh! You are very right) The script is very simple yet very strong which talks about a very serious issue i.e. Sex Education (but in a very funny and entertaining way :p ) . The movie has delivered its best and given a solution in how this topic should be handled (amazing! I wish my dad would have done that 🙁 ) The casting is perfect and the performance by the kids and other supporting team is mind blowing (Really proud  that such awesome movies are made in Marathi) Music by Vishal-Shekar (BTW their 1st marathi movie and they rock totally ) is very good (Love the title track by Vishal.. Ekdum Dhinchak and also a marathi single by Shekar ..Haravali Pakhrey..really good ) After watching the movie, I am sure you’ll surely recall the 1st moment when you saw BP :p

Hats off to Ritesh Deshmukh,Ravi Jadhav,Uttung Thakur for making this movie. Keep up the good work!

3 and Half stars from me and a big hug to the character “Vishu” in the movie (yaar tune ek kafi kaminey dost ki yaad dila di 🙂 )

Go and watch with your kids (if you have any) or watch with your friends .. You’ll surely enjoy this one.

By Sanket Bhatt @imsank

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