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Mini Review – Aiyyaa

Dhinchak Mini Review – Aiyyaa

Aiyyaa Review


A Bengali Fish fried in Spicy Marathi garam masala and served with Coconut chutney. Well this is what Aiyyaa offers you. A crazy family and even crazier central character played by Rani Mukherjee (simply amazing! The expressions aaga bai kay sangu! Kiti fantasize kartey re baba!) Prithviraj is very good looking (I still donno Y girls have this fascination towards south indian guys :p ) lekin only good looking , very limited role.


The movie drops drastically with its story line and screenplay. It will bug you to the core and will make you restless ke ab kuch hoga..ab kuch hoga and the movie ends aur kuch nahi hota 🙁 . The randomness is good at certain places but will bore you at other places too. Music and background score is really amazing!(Amit Trivedi hai boss) Dreamum wakepum kills it!


Direction is nothing great (samaj main hi nahi aya, exactly kya hai? Kyu hai? )

This movie is not for everyone. Watch it only if you love Rani and interested in something really different

1 and half star from me only for Rani and her expression.

By Sanket Bhatt @imsank

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