pranva bf gig



pranva bf gig


A lot of buzz surrounded the newly opened Hard Rock Cafe at Andheri. I decided to give it a visit to see if it actually lived up to the hype!

The occasion couldn’t have been any better with the Mihir Joshi Band, a blues band from Mumbai performing tracks from their upcoming album ‘Mumbai Blues’. Mihir Joshi, who apart from being the vocalist of the band is a multi-faceted person, from being an RJ to anchoring TV shows to hosting the recently launched ‘The MJ Show’ on Youtube, has left no stone unturned. The ‘Mihir Joshi Band’ or MJB as they call it, has other well-known artists with the likes of Sanju Aguiar, who also plays for Devoid, on the guitar, Viru Kaith, one of the finest in the country, on drums, and Ishaan Krishna on bass. Apart from the tracks from their album, they also performed some classic rock and roll songs which were like a cherry on the cake!


Taking a leaf from their upcoming album ‘Mumbai Blues’, every Mumbaikar would be able to relate to it since each track aligns very closely to their day-to-day life. Few days back, on the grounds of the Delhi gang rape, Mihir had released the single “Sorry”, which went viral on the web and was very heart touching spreading the social message loud and clear.


MJB’s album has some more songs which talk about the Mumbai rains, the traffic, a wife who spends her husbands’ money on hefty shopping and what not!  These songs reflect true human emotions and its fun to hear them as we could relate to it.


 Now-a-days, there is a paucity of good Blues bands, and I can say MJB is definitely one of them. People were dancing and truly enjoying the gig, but I had to control myself so that I could capture the rocking moments in my camera.  All in all an evening well spent! Cheers!


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