Mighty fools! Rings a bell? Collaboarators with top DJ’s across the world, including Tiesto, Nicky Romero, Avicii and the likes, this DJ duo travelled to India from Amsterdam to cast a spell on their EDM crazy counterparts. An EDM fan myself, I rushed at the first opportune moment, to watch the magic come alive at Canvas on Sunday night.

So there I was all dressed up for the night. Naam thoda bachpana lagta hai nahi? But like Shakespeare said, What’s in the name (yes, you also watched a band with this name on India’s got talent), the night unfolded to be one big party, just like the bbm broadcasts from Dhinchakmumbai had promised.

It started off on a very thanda note, barely any crowd, thanks to the Indian Standard Time of always being one-two hours late, the crowd started flowing in only after 11. I was there one and half hour early, but nonetheless I got to see some very interesting things jo aapke saath share karna banta hai.

I had this awesome opportunity to do a little chit-chat with these two powerful DJ’s. To pata chala, they were playing in India for the first time. Most obvious question toh banta hai, toh puch liya, kaisi lagi  aamchi Mumbai – they described it exactly this way; “Tooo many people, and crazy people.”  Ab crazy to lagega, Amsterdam mei kaha ek din mei itne log nazar aate honge..:P

Moving on, DJ Shiva & Teenu Arora played the  opening set for the duo from Amsterdam. In all the humdrum, something or maybe someone, did manage to grasp my attention. In a complete contrast to the kind of personalities you would expect to show up for an EDM night, walked in a  bunch of suited booted young lads who were trying to either slip in the VIP lounge or were trying their luck with the women in the club. Let me mention, the crowd was a majority of very young energetic boys with few girls here and there and the rest were women with high heels and higher standards.

Then came in the munde on the console and once again their enigma took over, aur uske baad to samjho the night went to another level. The dance floor was suddenly jam packed! The lights became very powerful, sparkling and shining across the room and I suddenly felt I was sitting on the speakers. The music was thunderous, deafening, and contagious. Nobody could resist moving. As the music kept going ‘

Put your put your Hands up’ I could see the crowd obeying like a hypnotized lot following every beat. They played a mix of techno, a little bit of Hardwell, and dubstep, not something very different from the regular, but they got everyone’s feet tapping and hands moving.

What made them stand out was that I could not spot a single person who could take their eyes off the two guys. Mighty fools did not only play some electrifying music but also gave a dabangg performance. Mei to flat ho gai in firang dj’s pe…. kya bajaya boss!!

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