Mausam – Movie Review

Executive Producer / Co-Producer : – Vivek Agrawal

Director : – Pankaj Kapur

Lyricist : – Irshad Kamil

Music Director : – Pritam Chakraborty

Cinematography : – Binod Pradhan

Choreography : – Ahmed Khan

Star Cast : – Shahid Kapoor, Sonam Kapoor, Anupam Kher, Supriya Pathak

Pankaj Kapur’s DEBUT film as a director ‘Mausam’ is a honest effort. Intense, Sensitive but LONG but surely not pakau.The film has some awesome moments which stay with you even after the film is over. On the flip side the film is too long, specially the second half. The film has a very interesting premise. Mausam might make you fall in love all over again. But only if you have the patience!


The story goes through many years. In 1992, Harry played by Shahid Kapoor is waiting for an important letter which will decide his future in the Indian Air Force. Ayaat (Sonam Kapoor) has just arrived to the town where Harry lives. Ayaat’s arrival is due to the tense situation her father is in Kashmir. So she along with her bua, Supriya Pathak stay here.There are some interesting sub plots which affect the main story and it has great moments till yes, you guessed it right, Harry and Ayaat fall in love. The way they fall in love is cute and innocent. The way Punjab is shot is just beautiful. Life is full of dreams. Harry asks her innocently about her answer. She asks him to wait and come tommorow morning at the bakery shop. Finally the destiny plays its role and next day itself ayat leave the village and Harry gets his call from the Indian Air Force. Test of the lovers! The movie then takes to a some various fast forward mode like 7 saal baad,2 mahino baad, and ofcourse Interval ke baad  😀


This movie has some of the best scenes ever shot in bollywood. The scene at the restaurant is one of the best scenes of the film. It is very well crafted. Here Pankaj Kapur scores both as a writer and the director The film might remind you of Veer Zaara and many other romantic films but Mausam is a honest effort. The story is age old but the way it has been shot and directed makes it worth watching once. The music of the film is soothing to ears. Special mention to Binod Pradhan, as he’s shot the film awesomely.


The story/screenplay and dialoges are by Pankaj Kapoor. The story is strictly ok. Dialoges are interesting at places. Pankaj Kapoor does a sensitive job as a director though. Shahid Kapoor plays the part intensly. He will delight you with his boyish looks and attitude in 1992 and shock you with his presence as an office in 1999 and later his performance goes to some another level. Look out for the scene when he is in the train in switzerland and the way he reacts looking at Ayaat. He has grown as an actor. This film will take him to another level. Sonam Kapoor looks beautiful and plays her part nicely. She doesnt have much to do but she carries of Ayaat aesthetically (Also very less of costumes and make up for her L in this movie. Sorry sonam Aisha cannot be repeated in every movie) Anupam Kher lends average support while Supriya Pathak performances great.


Overall, Mausam is decent movie. The only problem with Mausam is that it is too long. Infact the second half might test your patience. The story of the film could be predictable. The way it is shot, directed makes it worth watching. The film belongs to Shahid Kapoor. Watch it. It is full of love, romance, great visuals and some sensitive performances. Dhinchak Mumbai will rate it 3 stars out of 5 and a thumbs up for excellent direction of Pankaj Kapur.

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