Marine Drive

Marine Drive or Bandstand today?

Marine Drive

Marine Drive or Bandstand today? As a college student, most of our day is spent in malls, cafes, restaurants, food courts, multiplexes and we all have our own little group hangout place- be it a chai-wala’s stall or a small roadside eatery or even the stairs of a particular abandoned building, which is sacred to us! This also happens to say that we see very little of our college on regular days (of course until the exams are nearing and attendance becomes a major issue!)

But think of the time when exams are soon approaching and you have to juggle between classes and college and catching up with the entire backlog! But in happier times, there is not a corner in the city thatwe don’t travel to! A special mention of Marine drive and Bandstand is mandatory as it is the Mecca of college students all across the city (Mumbai).

At any time of the day, be it at 6 in the morning trying to bunk the morning lecture or coaching classes, or at 1 in the afternoon under the blazing sun or 6 in the evening-at sunset (these places look stunning at and after sunset!) or even at midnight, college students are always found there! Whether writing assignments on the benches of Bandstand or thinking of project ideas on the oddly shaped rocks at Marine Drive, these places are close to every student’s hearts!

On a lighter note, we also have our favorite eating spots in the city!! Be it the KFC on Linking Road or our very own Candies every student travels places, not close to his/her college for a nice day to spend! We also know the best shopping places in the city. As a Mumbai-ite we are all familiar to the street shopping culture in the city and students like you and me know best what to look for where!

Most of us can play very good tourist guides to our relatives who visit us from other cities and to anyone who needs a good trip around the city, thanks to our travels across the city during our college days!

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