Make way for the “RASCALS”

What- Music launch of RASCALS

When- 14th September

Where- The Leela


Bharat Shah presents ‘RASCALS’ a funny, naughty and musical entertainer by Sanjay Dutt Productions Pvt. Ltd. Starring Sanjay Dutt, Ajay Devgn, Arjun Rampal, Kangana Ranuat, Lisa Hayden,
Chunkey Pandey and Satish Kaushik.


Music composers Vishal-Shekar have created a dhinchaak score for RASCALS that has a trademark David Dhawan stamp to it. The filmmaker, who has a penchant for extracting mass friendly soundtrack out of composers, promises that the composer duo has gone the whole hog to make RASCALS special.


“Vishal-Shekar are so good and have created some lovely music for the film,” says David Dhawan, “in fact I felt so nice when they told me that they has grown up on music of my films. For RASCALS too they said that they wanted to create my kind of music. On the other hand I wanted to hear their own style. I like sitting with my composers when they create music and even for RASCALS. I like sitting with my composers when they create music and even for RASCALS. I was thoroughly involved. In the process, just the right mix of music has come up.”


Now that would be something to look forward to because David Dhawan is the king of masala films and he ruled right through the 90s with films that were the blend of action, comedy, romance and a fair bit of drama as well. Though 2000s, masala went out of fashion, it is now back in vogue with numerous filmmakers waking up to the genre that has worked more often than not in Bollywood


“I have always advised budding filmmakers to never let go off the basics,” says David Dhawan, “This is the reason why the director in me is elated today to see the revival of masala films. I have kept that in mind while making RASCALS as well. It is what you call vintage entertainment and would be pretty much on display for audience as well.”


So there was the entire crew of Rascals in a total dhinchak mood to promote the movie. However Kangana Ranaut (Damn! you look so sexy in that white bikini :p ) was missing from this entire fun. A little birdy told us that Kangana demanded some extra amount to promote the movie. Is it really true or just a another way to promote movie???

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