Magnum Opus – An XIC PR Initiative

The word ‘Magnum Opus’ means great work, usually refers to a literary or artistic masterpiece and the masterpiece in this scenario is Xavier’s Institute of Communication (XIC) with its talented students both past and present.


The night was not only a celebration of the years gone by but also a toast to the promising careers in the making,an event to recognize and felicitate alumni who have excelled after their learning at XIC.


Red carpets, Paparazzi and the Glitz and Glamor of an award night, it had it all!
And to add to the already overwhelming list of guest entered Mr.Imtiaz Ali. (imagine ‘saddahaq’ playing in the background! 😛 ) The night went on with loads of awards given away to alumnus engaged in varied fields to celebrate theirs success. On a funnier note the event also had some lame but entertaining fillers in store for us! :P. The spoof of the most EPIC scene from DDLG where Simran(Kajol) begs her dad ( AmrishPuri) to let her go with Raj( Shah Rukh Khan) was HILARIOUS! 😀

Later in the night came the Sufi rock band from Pune ‘Wasabi’ which played some amazing music. They sang covers of ‘Dil Se’ and ‘Iktara’. Some good shit!


All in all it was a great night for the Alumni to get together, see their old friends, meet up and suit up after all these years!
The event ended with everyone posing for pictures, girls pouting as bad as they could! 😛 (happy memories you might say, new profile pictures is my guess! 😛 LOL)


And as they say ‘no PR event can end without a PR quote’ here’s one..“Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and some hire public relations officers.”
Have fun PR people!  😉


Pictures by Vishal Manve

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