MAGN 2012

As Magn 2K12 starts …..its Day 1 with the inauguration by Ms. Farzana Contractor –the the editor of Upper Crust and Chef Jaydeep Mukherjee- Indigo Deli. The food festival, organized the Anjumanite – Anjuman-I-Islam Institute of Hotel Management, also launched their newsletter Magn Mania 2K12 -were the contribution of students was showcased. The prizes for mang chef 2K12 was announced after the launch of the newsletter.The winners were:


1. Anjuman-I-Islam Institute

2. Kohinoor Institute


As Mang was all about –fun, frolic, fiesta, food>>>>> the food stalls the event were also cooked-served- by the students themselves!!! :o


Magn not only served us food but also entertained us with events Like Singing, Dance, Fine Arts, Fashion Show, Counter Strike, Ad-Mad N So on…..


Dhinchak Mumbai was not only online partners for Magn 2K12 but also was proud to be the title sponsor of TASVERON KI JUBANI- the photography event at Magn

After the successful submission, of the clickzzzz by the participants, the judges were to announce the winners.

 It was a great honor to have Mr. Prasad Narhar Pawaskar -Jt. Hon. Secretary of ‘The Photographic Society of India’ Mumbai &

 Mr. Apoorva Gupte -Time Out – Mumbai, Outlook Magazine to judge the event!!!

 The contestant had to prove their talent in an hour within the range of just a kilometer!!!  Theme was undoubtedly: FOOD

The winner was Mr. Prathamesh

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