Living it green Bollywood ishtyle

Living it green ishtyle

Ya guys it’s the world environment day today and this means that today we have to take care of our environment, only today, as  we are working humans after all and we don’t have time to take care of our own skin, environment ka khayal rakhne ka time nahi hai boss.


But we do have to thank our government for doing the taking care on our part as they are really striving hard , cause I am sure that since the jaan leva hike of the petrol environment has become our nightmare, if you know what I mean.

But of course Bollywood ke pass toh time aur paisa dono hai environment ke liye, and nonetheless they have some tips for us also, let’s check them out –
With respect to the petrol, actor-model Milind Soman says that he wants people to start travelling by bicycles, Dude seriously, Virar se Churchgate cycling karte karte we’ll drown in our own sweat, no no!! We don’t live next to our offices.. like you guys live close to the studios.


Well then we have the Ad guru Bharat Dabholkar who just bought a plot near his bungalow in Chembur and made a jungle  out of that space. Now that is too expensive, sir yahan long drive pe jane ke paise nahi hai aap tho jungle banane baith gaye. Hmmm…Looks like Dabholkar is a Jungle Book fan!!


Then we have Actor Abhay Deol who has always been an “environmentally aware person”, that’s how he puts it not us. Abhay said “On Diwali, I don’t play with fire crackers. I only light a lamp.”


Well that’s our Bollywood’s take on environment. Seriously speaking can’t really comment on their “environment-friendly lifestyle”, woh kya hai na, we don’t earn 10-15 crore per film, nahi toh hum bhi eco-friendly Ferrari le late!! Nyway, I really hope that they dont save their ideas only for this day!


While the rich are taking care of the environment and our “extremely rich” government is making more money, the aam admi is pisofying, pisofying and pisofying. Chalo bhai kam karo petrol ka price bad gaya hai..varna gadi bechni padegi!


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