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LENS FLARE: Thanks, Mom.

There is no better way of discovering a city than from the saddle of a bicycle. If you seek adventure, fun time and a different experience altogether for a change, then welcome to Lens Flare 2012 – Will on Wheels


Comprising of a bunch of wacky, jumpy, crazy, young creative artists and practitioners, the Lens Flare team is all set to paint Mumbai green on 13 of May 2012.
Yes folks, you guessed it right. We are celebrating Mother’s Day like never before.

So put those chips down and pay some heed to what we have to say. The Lens Flare Team on 13 of May 2012 with their hands on the handle and their bums on the saddle will set out to paint Mumbai green, to thank Mother Earth for all the love and affection that it has bestowed on us. For long enough now, we have ignored her, taken her for granted, harmed her. This is the ideal time to thank her and be thankful for her offerings.


Now if you are thinking it’s only about the cycle ride then you are mistaken. It doesn’t end there. Remember we said we are celebrating the day like never before. We meant it. On the eve of 13 May, the Lens Flare team will be bequeathing flying kisses to Mother Earth by distributing saplings to all the amazing people who will be present there. All the hate, agony and destruction will be released in the form of balloons that will go up in the air leaving only love and gratitude in our hearts.

So come! Celebrate with us as we take you through some of Mumbai’s most enduring landmarks and end with a thrilling experience and memories to cherish for lifetime. Let’s take that little step forward and salute our Mother Earth. This is that chance you were looking for. We are looking forward to people who would rather leave their cars and motorcycles at home and get around the city using their own energy.

So this is your chance. Go ahead. Think green. Thank green.

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