LENS FLARE 2012 – Art celebrates Creation.

While you lift your coffee mug and browse through these lines, stop and focus at the live visual TV screen that your window is. Zoom in and take a minute to thank the friendly crows that swoop around playing ‘Scavenger ninjas’ every morning, or the hurried wind that so lovingly ruffles your hair on your way to work. Yes,I am going somewhere with this train of thought.


How often do we  find ourselves appreciating the little nuances that nature provides us with? That is exactly the basic idea that Lens Flare revolves around.  Comprising of a bunch of wacky, jumpy, young creative artists and mass media practitioners, the Lens Flare team, brings you India’s first and biggest film making and arts festival in the spirit of Celebrating Nature.


To create a platform that brings together every young Picasso, Shakespeare, Spielberg and Gaga in the making (Just don’t wear the meat dress) to share their flare and talent on one stage with the central idea of saying ‘Thank you’ to Mother Earth.


The minute you read the    word ‘Nature’, the first thing that should come to    mind is the fragrance of the soil that instils childhood memories of muddy    knees and simple joys of being a kid, or the rustling leaves, which I consider    is ‘music to the ears‘ in comparison with the usual ‘dhinchak’ tunes played so often these days.
No offense to the ‘dhinchak’ tune enthusiasts,though.


We are very fortunate to have Mr. Naseeruddin Shah as our Chief Mentor, supporting and guiding us along the way. “If you don’t care about the plant on your window,    you won’t give a damn about the dying forests” he shared insightfully, at our    Opening ceremony which was held on 21st April at Mumbai University, Kalina.

Lens Flare 2012 – A Message from our Chief Mentor – Naseeruddin Shah

We’ve launched six superb contests that incorporate Film making, Painting, Photography, Music, Spotlight and Blogging, that have tempting prizes in store    for the spirited and passionate creative artists that want to share with us,    a part of their ingenious universe. Entries close on May 25th, so make sure  to check our Facebook page as well as our website and of course, we’d love your participation!


Every week, the Lens Flare team will paint the town green, with small    cycle    rides that we will carry out in and around open lanes of Mumbai. Not only to    bring out the inner child in us but also to thank Mother Earth.


Clearly, we have a whole lot of events and opportunities beckoning the ‘Creative baba’ in you. So down the negative attitude, and bring out some gratitude and be a part of the Lens Flare revolution!


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