Ladies vs Ricky Bahl – Movie Review

Producer: Aditya Chopra

Director: Maneesh Sharma

Music Director:Salim Merchant,Sulaiman Merchant

Lyricst:Amitabh Bhattacharya

Cast: Anushka Sharma, Ranveer Singh, Dipannita Sharma, Parineeti Chopra,Aditi Sharma



Kya karu ohh ladies…main hu aadat se majbur (Okay! I just love this song and damn it broke something again :p while trying to dance like Ranveer Singh) Well if you have been a big Band Baja Baarat fan like me then I am sure you know the potentials of Ranveer Singh , Anukshka Sharma and the directorsaab Maneesh Sharma . The deadly Jodi is back again with something totally opposite then the last movie they did.


Ladies v/s Ricky Bahl is a story of a con man (Ranveer singh) (Not like Tees Maar Khan plzzzz ) who is an expert in fooling good looking women and extracts a good amount of money from them. So Iqbal A.K.A. Sunny A.K.A. Dev (all fake names) meet 3 different girls i.e. Dimple [Parineeti Chopra], Raina [Dipannita Sharma]and Saira [Aditi Sharma] from Delhi,Mumbai and Lucknow respectively and cons them in 3 different ways. So all the victims get united and plans to con the conman by sending another con woman who will con the conman (I don’t know why I am using the word “Con” so much, but this is the plot of the movie) . But the charming conman cannot be resisted by the con women and during the entire process of fooling each other they fell in love and aagey ki kahani jaane ke liye go 2 your nearest theatre and watch the movie :p .


The movie is very well made. At some point, it will remind you of the entire ocean series, the perfect chori and all. Maneesh Sharma, Sirji you have done it again. Amazing direction work, especially the brain game and planning done by the con man and the victims is really good and makes you think what next. The music is ok-ok this time, Only ‘Aadat se Majbur’ and  ‘Fatal Attraction’ is worth listening in the entire album (What happened to you salim – Sulaiman???)


Ranveer singh is amazing in everything (All the girls went woooohhhh!!! When he makes an appearance on the screen and I could hardly listen to the dialogues). His looks, talking style and his killer smile make gurls go wild (I am not saying this, all the women around me forced me to add this line :p). Anushka Sharma is super hot. She wore a bikini for a scene (Now, it was my chance to do woooohh!!! In the theatre and all the gurls kept their mouth shut during the scene  ) and bygod she is soooooooo good. The victims, Dimple Chadda from delhi has been the best person in the movie. The way she has enacted a rich spoilt delhi girl is simply marvelous. Bygod , yeh delhi ki kudiya!!!! Dipannita Sharma and Aditi Sharma have also done a decent role.


The movie is really good and you will enjoy it. It has very less boring moments and gets interesting after every 10 minutes. So overall, Dhinchak Mumbai will rate it 3 and half stars out of 5 and a dialogue from apna King Khan – “ Waise Haar kar Jeetney wale ko Baazigar Kehtey hai “ .

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