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You see the world through your rise and so the painter sees his world through his paintings. He expresses about his world of understanding, point of view through his paintings….


In arecent exibition at the Jehangir art Gallery. A Nagpur based artist, Vaibhav V. Sakharkar, who had exhibited his paintings ‘Beautiful Dirt’ Through his painting he tried to stress on how villages are forming into cities and loosing their individuality and becoming monotonous. His potraits clearly show how slowly the culture, values and essence are diminishing


Vaibhav V. Sakharkar, 30, from Nagpur ,Maharashtra , has done his masters from Sir. J.J. School of Art, Mumbai and has been a part of great shows like ‘Ternds of Contemporary Art 2010’, ‘SCARECROW’ etc.  and also participated in ‘47th National Exhibition of Art’, ‘Second all India Art Contest & Exhibition ’ etc.


In this world were profession and passion have been two parts of a human being, he has been successful in breaking the barricade and proving that if you really love your passion and can do or  die for it… he is a perfect example .You will surely succeed! If u truly love what you do. As we say there is woman behind every successffull man it’s his  father has always been an inspiration to him and was the first person to notice a artist in him as a child when Vaibhav  used to scratch the drawings of his pet parrot and fathers bike on the black flooring of his house .


In the painting of ‘Beautiful Dirt’ he has purely considered that the dirt is the smell of mud that we used to love when we visit a village but now it does not exist any more as its only left with the smell of mortar and cement…

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