K’scope 2012 – Future Rewritten

K’scope 2012 – Future Rewritten

Day 1  

 Sophia College was beaming with joy and excitement today. And why wouldn’t it? Kaleidoscope 2012 officially kicked off from today!

The first day – as always – was a great start. At dot 2 pm the Marble Stairs was crowded with people coming in for their registrations and the Despatch team hid behind a pile of invitations and POPs as they patiently handed out everyone what they needed. The Security guys were perfectly stationed at their assigned places- they didn’t let a soul wander in places they were not supposed to. Whereas the Fun Fair was busy prepping up the hallway with their wonderfully done artwork. The Den, for the first time, was not packed with the workforce dispersed and engaged in different places and activities. Keep it up guys! 

The day started with events like Slam Dunk (Elims), Rhydhun (Elims), Witty Gags, Exaggerature (DF), Me Encata Espanol and The Last Masquerade organized by our dearest teams: Informals, Performing Arts, Literary Arts, Fine Art and Workshops respectively. Participants filled the already busy hallways and the classrooms where the events took place were a spectacle to look at. Most of the participants were intently and sincerely doing their work, some were just chilling out and the rest – the minority – well they were still wondering whether they were in the right rooms. But, all in all- everything panned out well.  

The events that followed were Revolt in Sync organized by Literary Arts, Sing your heart out organized by Workshops and Inquizzition (Elims) organized by Literary Arts which went on to be a huge success. The last two events that Kaleidoscope 2012 Day 1 saw were Street Football (Elims) and What A Riot organized by Informals and Performing Arts respectively. A huge crowd showed up at the latter venue, with judges prompting the audience to cheer for the participating teams, whereas the Street Football saw enthusiastic players battle their way to the top despite the rains and puddles! 

With this, Kaleidoscope 2012 Day 1 chapter closes with more to look forward to in the coming five days! So buckle up for unlimited entertainment and make sure you drop in for Kaleidoscope 2012, it’s the place to be!  

K’scope 2012 – Day 2 

Kaleidoscope Day 2 started off with a bang with The Last Masquerade where the participants unleashed their artistic side. The Slam Dunk (Elims) had everyone gasping for breath with the neck to neck competition. Symphonique(Elims) was the most awaited event for the day with the first round being a solo singing competition where the participants had to sing a song they thought could be an anthem for the 2012 apocalypse which was followed by a the musical where Edward Cullen had to save the world with his lips and finally ending the event with a disco themed dance which had the audiences grooving along. JPEG showcased the innovation in every participant. The other events for the day were Mr and Ms. Kaleidoscope, Corgito Ergo Sum, Ek Anurodh(Elims) and Street Football(elims). The day ended with Sponstageous which saw Hitler,Eminem and Lalu Prasad all in the same room. Kaleidoscope witnessed renowned personalities like Dolly Thakur, Meera Samyal, Kiran Nagarkar, Dr. Ashutosh Contractor, Siddharth Bhatia and Shankar Mennon. Also there to judge were Apeksha Dandekar, Arjun Bijlani, Rj Amrita and VJ turned actor Raja.



K’scope 2012 – Day 3 


Kaleidoscope day 3 kicked off with much more excitement and enthusiasm then the last 2 days. Music and art dominated the third day. Street Football (Elims) saw the participants fighting against rains and all other odds to play. Electrocuted (Elims) was a hit amongst the crowd who cheered the teams in full spirit. Last Supper(Elims) had the contestants bring out their inner chef in them with the theme being pasta. Noddy, the evil witch and the hulk came together for What A Riot while LAK(Elims) brought out the superhero knowledge in participants. The Cannon Workshop conducted by Pritish Rao taught beginners the basics of a camera. Mean while Out of Bounds tested participants at capturing contrasting emotions. Journalist and travel writer Neeti Mehra guided the participants on a new journey in a new world at Far Far Away. Open Mic Night saw amateurs at their very best. The other events for the day included Jam (Elims), Dragon Fist and Paint it loud. The day concluded with Times Are A Changing which saw participants put their best foot forward for a social cause. From Cancer to Child Warfare, they covered it all.

K’scope 2012 – Day 4

After three days of eliminations, Kaleidoscope- today- officially begun! Today marked the first of the three final days of Kaleidoscope. With students from other colleges joining us to Bollywood stars attending particular events- Kaleidoscope was brimming with entertainment.

After the opening ceremony where the whole of workforce celebrated the inauguration of Kaleidoscope some of us headed to the AV Hall where Times Green Ganesh initiative was to be introduced to students of Sophia. However, the initiative was not the only thing that kept the students hooked; Rani Mukherjee was attending the event! After half an hour of patiently waiting for her arrival, Rani strode into the room looking ever so elegant and poised. Everyone, literally, jumped off their seats to catch a glimpse of the diva.


While this was happening, the stalls were being put up by the Fun Fair coordinators. Banners and standees were now being put up in various locations of the campus. Participants had already arrived and were slowly starting to disperse to their respective events.


It was 2 in the noon when the events started. The first ones to go were events like Slam Dunk (Elims), Mr. and Ms. Kaleidoscope (Round 2), DKT (Elims), Masterstroke, Back it with a jacket and Agree to Disagree (DF). All the events were equally successful with the judges and the audience having a good time. The day progressed with events like Roll Baby Roll, JPEG (Elims), Bedlam Blues (DF), Street Football and so on. What was exciting about all the events was that the participants were seen to enjoy it a lot and the audience even more. The audience was often heard hooting and cheering for the participants. There also came a point of time when the audience wanting to attend Back to the Streets fully crowded the hallways, making it impossible for people to walk through. But, what was even more electrifying was the presence of the star cast of Student of the Year, Varun Dhawan and Sidharth Malhotra. The duo was a crowd pleaser. The Bhabha Hall in Sophia was filled with cheering girls. Their interaction with the audience: teaching them “The Disco Song” step, playing Truth and Dare with the audience, distributing them T-shirts and Cds, personal interaction with the audience made the promotional event even more exciting and fun. But, as they say, all good thing come to an end, they had to leave.


Events like Stand-Up-Comedie and Open Mic Night concluded Day 4 in which both the events had a great audience turn-out. The former had their audience clench their stomach in laughter where as the latter had their audience rocking along with great music!

All in all, it was a great day! But, we have a feeling that tomorrow is going to be even greater!  So, make sure you go get your passes for Kaleidoscope 2012 and be a part of all the fun!

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