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KJo’s Birthday

Karan JoharWell aam aadmi like us, have small get togethers or max to max a cocktail party when we have our birthday, but not the B-town people, they like everything larger than our life,  just our films…ya guys Bollywood’s eternal bachelor is turning 40!!

But of course like his movies Kjo’s bash is gonna be surreal, entertaining and hopefully with an happing ending (unlike the drama in his films)…and I have to mention Who’s Who of the film industry is invited and where there is celebrity there has to be glitz, glamour and gossip.

In an interview with birthday boy Karan he revealed, “Everyone has that one party, where you get lots of pictures taken. I never had this opportunity, since there’s been no wedding or baby in my life. I really wanted to celebrate my ride in the industry and 40 is just a round figure, so I said let’s do it now”…well so sad Karanji, it’s really hard being one of the most famous people in Bollywood…we wish we could understand.

So basically why is party such a big deal…simple, if you are seen there, you have made it to the bigger and more glamorous side of Bollywood…well that’s what everyone believes…agar Karan Johar ke saat “wine aur dine” nahi kiya tho kya kiya boss.

And if all that isn’t enough, even before Mr Johar turns 40, there are gossips around the block…cause if you have the Crème de la crème of Bollywood you also have (long time) arch rivals around too…tho agar thodi dishum dishum nahi hota hai tho Bollywood drama pura nahi hua…so yes…basically our special interest comes from the fact that the event will generate enough gossip to make our nosey lives enriching for a while.


So don’t worry Karan…as long as you have some security on standby I think you will be fine…also I’m sure everyone will love your birthday…of course for all the ‘bad’ reasons… 😉

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