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Today I got to visit such a place where people of my age and elder to me are strictly not allowed. That place was like a completely different world altogether… KidZania.

What a place yaar! Kids I am so jealous of you’ll. I wish we had such funducational theme park when we were small kids. Kya kahu ab mein is jagah ke baremein.  KidZania is an ‘indoor’ family edutainment theme park of about 75,000 square feet that emulates the workings of a real city but built to scale for children. KidZania gives children an environment that allows them to do what naturally comes to them: role-playing by mimicking traditionally adult activities. As in the real world, children perform “jobs” and are either paid for their work as a Stylist, Construction Engineer, RJ, Surgeon, CSI Agent etc or pay to get a service University, Culinary School, Department Store, Driving School etc. It is now open at Rcity Mall, Ghatkopar.

Marzi entered KidZania in a very peppy and playful mood.  He was extremely thrilled to see how everything was planned there, how the kids worked and learned there. To increase the joy in the air, Marzi performed the fire act where he played the role of a fire man and saved a building from burning along with the kids of Victory Arts foundation of which Shaimak Davar is the trustee. Marzi also shook a leg with the kinds and the volunteers of KidZania at the KidZania theater where he also danced on the KidZania theme song. Marzi said,”I am extremely delighted to be here. This is an awesome place and the best kids theme park I have ever seen. It’s just awesome”.

After all this hungama and masti the students of Victory Arts Foundation gave a special performance in the mall. I never knew that physically and mentally challenged children could dance so well. The students of the Shaimak Davar Dance Academy also showed us some latkas and jhatkas. All in all it was a fun, fun and fun experience. DhinchakMumbai hopes that Shaimak, Marzi and Victory Arts Foundation keep up with their amazing work and KidZania has many more such branches in India.  Thumbs up KidZania! You are Dhinchak!!

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