Kevi Rite Jaish

Kevi Rite Jaish

Kevi Rite Jaish – Film Synopsis

Kevi Rite Jaish








Bachubhai Patel, a man with immense passion to make a life in U.S.A. has seen his friends and relatives settling down to a joyous and merry life in the states. Bachubhai also wants to earn the same life, and thus he has tried his level best for a VISA. Unfortunately, his visa is always rejected due to some or the other reason. A baba, whom he follows blind folded suggests him to give up the attempts as his fortune lies in going to U.S with the help of his generations to come.




Before Bachubhai’s kids could gain their perspective and sensibility, he levied upon his dream on them. His elder son (Jignesh) seems to be more unlucky than him. After Jignesh’s failed attempts Bachubhai moves on to Harish. To break the jinx, Harish (the youngest son and the last hope) is given the torch to lead the baton ahead. It is now Harish’s responsibility to make it to U.S. and help his family settle down in a Phoren country. This is all that Bachubhai wants Harish to do in life, but the road to USA is not that easy for Harish too.



 The film is about madness of Bachubhai and his family. They try everything possible on this earth in the name of USA visa. The craziness is fired by the nightmare that Bachubhai seldom witnesses: ‘what if no one from his family could make it to USA? What if Bachubhai will never be able to settle in USA? If he doesn’t, then his soul will always roam around in pain and longing (this is obviously his version of exaggeration).


In the series of crazy attempts there are few incidents which lead to realization for Jignesh and Harish that they have lost their own identity (in fact, they never got a chance to even think on their own). Since childhood, Bachubhai moulded them for his USA dream.






The film is a funny roller coaster ride with its own share of romance, drama, anxiety, desperation, excitement and madness. It all comes to an end where you realize that it is just a beginning; you want to have more of it.

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