Kaleidoscope 2012



Ready to start with a bang on September 4, Kaleidoscope is Sophia College’s annual inter-collegiate festival. Kaleidoscope is all about bringing people from colleges over the country together to share a week of extraordinary experiences, including various events and workshops. This year, the theme for Kaleidoscope, popularly called K-scope, is Rewrite the Future, looking at the Mayan prediction of the world ending with a positive perspective.


Sponsored by Idea, this fest aims at inspiring the youth to take a stand and make a positive change in today’s world through various cultural, artistic and merely fun events including “Revolt in Sync”, “Mr. and Ms. Kaleidoscope”, “Dragon Fist”, etc. Kaleidoscope has been running successfully for the past twenty-seven years, and has been attracting larger crowds since.


The fest is working with Teach for India this year to encourage a spirit of social-work in the young full of potential for good. For a week bursting with memories to be made, endless entertainment, new people to meet and fresh knowledge to soak up, make sure to clear your calendars from September 4th-9th this year and be a part of the revolution- come rewrite the future!

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