Johnday dekhna mangta! In theatres 13th Sep



After a long long break after my graduation, I finally got to do what I always wanted to do…my first assignment after joining Dhinchak Mumbai was to go for the interview of the cast of Johnday.  Initially I was like “Kya yaar, why Johnday. Mujhe kisi full on romantic bollywood movie ke event ke liye bhej dete” But like a good girl I made up my mind and went for the event. Mulund se Juhu a very very long journey. And finally I reach the place of the interview.

The interview was in a huge bungalow. The entire star cast of Johnday was present there each celebrity giving an interview in a different room. I felt the entire media industry was present there. There were news channels, reporters from the print, magazine and people like me who had come from websites. I had been told to just observe how the interview goes what all happens and write a detailed note on it. So I went in each and every room to see what was happening.


 Lekin maan na padega boss the entire limelight of the interview was taken away by the bad boy Randeep Hooda. He was extremely playful with the media. He spoke about the movie, his character in the movie and his very old relation with his co star Naseeruddin Shah with whom he had worked in his first movie Monsoon Wedding.  According to Randeep “ Bacche is duniya ke sabse bure log hote hai. Wo bohot hi insensitive bhi hote hai kyuki unhe acche aur bure ki samajh nahi hoti” . He also added that humans are the most dangerous animals on this planet. Along with Johnday, Randeep also mentioned his future projects like Highway with Imtiaz ali and Kick with Salmaan khan . Though he did not talk much about them. The entire cast of the film was in all praises of Naseerji who was not present for the event. They consider him a tutor, guardian, guiding star, friend and a philosopher. According to them he is a fun person to work with and a great co-star too.


Talking about the dark movie Johnday, the stars shared some of their dark memories and dark side of their lives as well.  According to the cast of this film “Jo log roz raajma chawal khake bore ho gaye hai unke liye humne extra masala ke saath ye chicken tikka banaya jo itna teekha aur masaledaar ki logo ko baar baar aake khane ka mann karega”.   Johnday is due for release on the 13th of Sept 2013 and is a movie presented by the producers of A Wednesday. Sky high expectations hona toh banta hai boss.

So Mumbai, do hit the theatres on 13th of September. We wish the movie a dhinchak success.


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